The Shipwright Economy

InfiniGods’ Player-Owned Economy Opens

Followers on-board a Greek Ark.

The Shipwright is a one stop Web3 portal that allows players to load ‘Followers’ onto ‘Arks’ and vice-versa. This unlocks InfiniGods’ player-owned economy, and allows players to win and trade power-ups amongst one-another.

How The Shipwright Works

Players compete daily to win off-chain utility tokens called Followers. Followers act as consumable power-ups that can be used to create merges, destroy pieces, and refresh the power(s) of your Elder Gods. They’re a key piece that can help power high scores and leaderboard rankings.

Additionally, Followers will be used in future games and have utility across the IGU.

  • Players can win Followers by playing InfiniMerge. They’re rewarded in two ways: [a] achieving Stars, and [b] ranking on leaderboards.
  • Followers that are used in InfiniMerge are burned forever.
  • Once a player accumulates a designated number of Followers, they can venture forth into The Shipwright and load them onto an Ark. Arks exist on-chain (ERC-1155) and are tradable on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea. You can think of Arks as a bundle of power-ups.
  • Conversely, players that hold Arks can visit the Shipwright at any time and break them down for Followers. During this process, the Ark is burned forever and Followers are credited to the player’s account.

Through Followers and Arks, players are given ownership over consumables and power-ups – and can trade them freely as they see fit.

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