Gen 0: The Elder Gods

Our Genesis collection

Our Genesis Collection: The Elder Gods

The oldest of Immortals and the masters of their realms, the Elder Gods (Gen 0) will forever be the most powerful NFTs (ERC-4907s) in the InfiniGods Universe.

Elder Gods provide formidable in-game abilities that boost gameplay and increase scoring potential. You can think of them as super power-ups that quite literally let you play as a god.

Players with Elder Gods by their side will gain distinct advantages over the competition.

Within InfiniMerge, the Elder Gods offer a variety of powers:

  • Randomly shuffle all pieces on the board
  • Destroy all copies of a selected piece
  • Upgrade a designated piece
  • Add extra turns or time on limited levels
  • Create 3 copies of selected queue piece (for easy merging)

As the InfiniGods Universe expands, the Elder Gods will remain eternally interoperable across all titles. In fact, each game will unlock new abilities, power-ups, and utility — increasing the value of your Elder Gods over time.

How Many Elder Gods Exist?

There are 20 Elder Gods in the IGU, including (5) Elder Gods from each of the (4) pantheons.

Greek Norse Chinese Egyptian
Zeus Odin Shangti (Jade Emperor) Ra
Hera Frigg Guanyin Set
Poseidon Tyr Wang Mu Niang Niang Osiris
Hades Njord Yan Wang Isis
Demeter Heimdal Long Wang (Dragon King) Atum

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