What is the InfiniPass?

InfiniPass gives players early access to all games within the InfiniGods series, as well as prioritized access to NFT sales throughout the InfiniGods Universe.

These lifetime passes grant you powers across the InfiniGods Universe. As a passholder, you never know when the Gods may smile upon you…

The InfiniGods series will include multiple games, each with its own unique NFT drops & economic structure. Games are set around the mythologies of ancient Norse, Chinese, Egyptian & Greek civilizations.


In Beta Phase

Interoperable NFTs within the InfiniGods Universe

Odin — Norse God of War & Thunder

All NFT drops represent in-game characters from mythical lore. These NFTs are interoperable and can be playable in all games. These Characters range from the most powerful Gods to the most fearsome mythical Monsters and everything in between. All NFTs have a set of traits that will help define their in-game value. These traits have the opportunity to grow and be improved over time


We have an extensive Roadmap planned with the following upcoming events

  • Community Merge
  • Elder Gods Mint
  • InfiniMerge Season 1
  • InfiniTowers Beta

Our Ethos with the InfiniPass

The InfiniPass gives players early access to all games in the InfiniGods Universe and additional gameplay benefits.

To ensure this & give meaningful participation to early adopters we have designed two passes. The Ultimate Pass & the Community Pass. The Community Pass provides an option for casual players while the Ultimate Pass is an opportunity for VIPs who wish to travel deeper into the InfiniGods Universe.

Community Pass (Mint price = 0.05 ETH)

All-access pass for gamers to the InfiniGods universe, FOR LIFE!

Supply: 4000 total (3800 Available, 200 Reserved for In-Game Rewards)


  • Early access to all InfiniGods games
  • Access to mint all future InfiniGods NFT sales (max 2 per wallet)
  • Private Discord access
  • Private access to game development team

Ultimate Pass (Mint price = 1.0 ETH)

Supply: 260 Passes (235 available, 25 Reserved for In-Game Rewards)

Benefits: (includes all the benefits of the Community InfiniPass)

  • Airdropped NFTs for every InfiniGods release in perpetuity
  • Exclusive InfiniGods merch & V.I.P. IRL experiences

Sales Schedule

Ultimate InfiniPass via Raffle

  • Given limited supply (235 max), the Ultimate Infinipass will exclusively be available via public raffle (premint.xyz).
  • Raffle Dates: Entry opens June 1st @ 12 P.M. EST and ends June 7th @ 6P.M. EST. Winners will be announced on or before June 8th @ 8 A.M. EST.
  • Winners are entitled to mint 1 Ultimate InfiniPass (1ETH). Mint will begin June 9th @ 12:00 P.M. EST and remain open until June 12th @ 12:00 P.M. EST.

Private Sale via Whitelist

  • Whitelisted community members are entitled to mint 1 Community InfiniPass (1,900 Supply, .05ETH).
  • Private Sale Dates: Opens June 10th @ 12:00 P.M. EST until June 12th @ 12:00 P.M. EST.

Public Sale

  • We will hold an open public sale for the remaining Community InfiniPasses on a first come, first serve basis (1,900 Supply plus any leftover from private sale).
  • Public Sale Date: June 12th @ 5:00 P.M. EST. Restricted to 1 mint per wallet.
  • After 24 hours, we will increase the mint allowance to 5 per wallet.

Who we are

InfiniGods was founded by Game Industry veterans with the goal of making fun games using blockchain technologies. The company was founded in 2022 and raised a seed round of $9m led by Pantera Capital and joined by Framework Ventures and Animoca Brands

Our team has worked at major Gaming companies such as Facebook, EA, LucasArts, Scopely, DGN & Zynga. We passionately believe that blockchain technology can solve many problems that Free to Play games faced in Web 2. In particular we believe giving players ownership over their in-game assets can create a much better consumer experience.

Our games are focused on being cross platform (Web & Mobile), free to play and ultimately fun! Our ambition is that by making fun, easy-to-play games we can onboard millions of new players to Web 3 games!

Meet the Team

Damon Gura

Owen O’Donoghue

Chris Beatrice

Mat Willows

Matt Jackson

Brett Levin

Leslie Lenth


Caleb Smith

Trung Trinh

Bryan DiSanto