The Elder Gods have arrived.

It’s time. Our Gen 0 collection, The Elder Gods, have touched down in the InfiniGods Universe (IGU).

And they have arrived with great splendor.

We’re excited to announce that starting this Thursday (12/1), the Elder Gods will launch as a free claim exclusively available to InfiniPass holders.

As advocates of the “Free to Own” movement, we believe strongly that it is our responsibility to reward dedicated players, beta testers, collectors, and supporters who have boldly endeavored to build the InfiniGods Universe with us. Since day 1, InfiniPass holders have been the lifeblood of the InfiniGods community. We couldn’t be more thrilled to put this collection in their hands.

Power to the players. This is our first move of many to carry out that mission.


Key Mint Details & Dates:

On Thursday (12/1) at 12PM EST, the claim window will open. Community Pass holders will have 1 week to claim their Elder Gods. This is a free mint, just pay gas.

Community Pass holders are entitled to claim (1) Elder God per pass.

Ultimate Pass holders will have (5) Elder Gods airdropped early on 11/30, including (1) special God created by SLOTH.

Any Elder Gods that are not claimed at the end of the window will automatically be sent to the InfiniGods treasury for future use (e.g. in-game rewards).

Note: The Elder Gods are exclusively available to InfiniPass holders. There is no public sale.

  • Max Total Supply: 4,488 Elder Gods
  • Price: 0.0 ETH — free claim for all InfiniPass holders
  • Ultimate Pass VIP Airdrop: 11/30
  • Claim Window Opens: 12/1 at 12PM EST
  • Claim Window Closes: 12/8 at 12PM EST
  • Elder Gods Reveal: 12/8


How To Mint:

The only way to claim your Elder God(s) is by visiting and connecting the wallet containing your Community Pass(es).

Each InfiniPass can only be used one time to mint an Elder God. Should you hold multiple InfiniPasses you will be able to select which one(s) to use to mint. The site will verify your pass is eligible prior to allowing you to mint.

Important: The InfiniGods team will never DM you with mint details. Please stay vigilant.


What Are The Elder Gods?

The Elder Gods are gaming assets that unlock epic abilities, enhance gameplay, and increase scoring potential. You can think of them as persistent power-ups that quite literally let you play as a god.

  • As our Gen 0 collection, the Elder Gods will always be the strongest Immortals in our universe of games.
  • The Elder Gods are built on the ERC-4907 standard, which will allow owners to rent out their assets to other players.

As the InfiniGods Universe expands, the Elder Gods will continue to be eternally interoperable across all game titles. In fact, each game will unlock new abilities, power-ups, attributes, and utility — increasing the value of your Elder Gods over time.

While InfiniMerge will showcase singular abilities, InfiniTowers will unleash the true potential of the Elder Gods with sophisticated stats, special abilities, and elemental affinities all in play (just to name a few things!).


What About The Art?

Long Wang, The Dragon King, as interpreted by 5 different artists.

Not only are the Elder Gods powerful gaming assets (utility!), they’re intricate art pieces.

It’s important to know up front: our production process is wholly unique compared to the majority of Web3 collections. We’ve taken a ‘first to market’ approach that balances uniqueness with overall continuity.

This is not a generative collection. Nor does it contain numbered editions.

The Elder Gods collection is comprised of 127 1/1 art pieces — dubbed The Originals. The Originals were hand-drawn by 17 artists from 10 countries around the world, including: Brazil, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Serbia, Ukraine, and the United States. All pieces were created under the mentorship of our legendary Art Director, Chris Beatrice.

Each artist (Chris included) was tasked with illustrating multiple Elder Gods in their own personal style; with the final curated set of 127 Originals serving as inspiration for the entirety of the collection.

The result is a collection that features a wide spectrum of styles and interpretations—from manga to painterly—creating unprecedented diversity and variance.

While all 4,488 Elder Gods root from the 127 Originals, each asset features a unique aesthetic combination.


Collection Architecture & Features

The Elder Gods collection consists of 4,488 unique assets. The collection is constructed as follows:

  • There are 20 types of Elder Gods, each with varying powers and abilities (e.g. Zeus, Poseidon).
  • Each Elder God features multiple Original designs. There are 5 different interpretations of Zeus, for instance.
  • The 20 Elder Gods are split across 4 Pantheons: Greek, Norse, Egyptian, & Chinese.
  • Each Pantheon contains 5 Elder Gods.

Additionally, the Elder Gods are organized into a Power Hierarchy. Tiers include Paragon, Gold, Silver, and Bronze — each of which maps to a series of underlying stats & attributes, and serves as an all-encompassing power indicator.

Higher tiers feature increased rarity, more impressive stats, and ultimately, more power in InfiniGods games.

The Paragon tier—the most formidable of the Elder Gods—is exclusively occupied by The Originals.

Note: SLOTH Gods, airdropped to Ultimate Pass holders, are guaranteed to be Paragon or Gold.


Do Sets of Elder Gods Matter?


Players will see benefits by holding a diverse portfolio of God Types. Players with a broad “toolbox” of Elder Gods and God Powers to pull from will receive strategic flexibility and gameplay advantages over time.

Furthermore, while we won’t disclose specifics, completing and holding sets by Pantheon and of all 20 Elder Gods is behavior that we champion.


What About InfiniPasses?

InfiniPasses are our genesis asset. They are not MintPasses and they will remain in your possession after claim.

As we release new titles, collections, and tournaments, Passes will continue to stack value upon value over time. They will remain a source of power — in the form of exclusive access, gameplay boosts, and other surprises.

While we can’t make decisions for you, we do strongly encourage you to hold onto your InfiniPasses after claiming (wink, wink).