We are excited to officially announce our first InfiniGods Ultimate Drop collaboration! To commemorate the launch of InfiniGods’ Immortal NFT Series, all Ultimate InfiniPass holders will be airdropped an extremely rare (1/260) Gen 0: Elder God designed by Sloth.

Who is ‘Sloth’?

Timmy Ham, aka ‘Sloth’, is an artist, designer, illustrator and muralist, who has worked with Fortune 500 Brands and most recently Web3 Bluechip, VeeFriends. He is passionate about gaming and slowing down to appreciate all the things life has to offer.

Will this release be a part of any existing InfiniGods Collection?

Yes — this release will be residing within the Gen 0: Elder Gods Collection, alongside the other Elder Gods being released this Fall. Like the others in the collection, the InfiniGods x Sloth tokens will be ERC-4907s.

Will the NFTs be airdropped or will there be a mint?

Ultimate InfiniPass holders will be airdropped (1) InfiniGods x Sloth Elder God per pass held. These are available exclusively to Ultimate Pass holders.

Please note: OpenSea is now hiding airdropped items with their new updates — read this thread for more details to make sure you don’t miss your airdropped NFT.

What info can be shared around the art and rarity elements?

We are thrilled to have Sloth as our signature artist for this release. There are four distinct NFT versions, each featuring a God from a different Pantheon (all wallets will share the same odds, chosen at random):

  • Poseidon (Greek)
  • Odin (Norse)
  • Ra (Egyptian)
  • Guanyin (Chinese)

While we don’t want to give away too much, you can expect the illustrations to include vibrant colors backed with inspiration from street art and adventure.

InfiniGods x Sloth Gen 0: Elder Gods Collection (Odin, Norse)

Will the NFT contain any utility elements tied to the InfiniGods Universe?

Yes— the InfiniGods x Sloth Elder Gods will carry formidable in-game utility. The Elder Gods (Gen0) provide special abilities that enhance gameplay and boost scoring potential. These power-ups are only available to Elder God holders.

As our genesis collection, they will forever be the most powerful NFTs in the InfiniGods Universe.

Do Ultimate Pass holders receive another Gen 0: Elder God via Airdrop?

Yes, Ultimate Pass holders will receive an additional four (4) Elder Gods via Airdrop to go along with their unique Sloth Elder God.

We hope you are as excited as we are that Sloth designed a special number of our Gen 0 collection! Look out for information on Twitter @InfiniGods to receive updates as the drop executes.

May the Gods always be in your favor!