Community Merge got off to a howling start with Wolf Game featuring two tournaments from September 16th – September 27th. Wolves, Sheep, Farmers and Gods came together over an eleven-day period to compete in the first ever ‘Community Merge’. Open to holders of >1000 $WOOL or InfiniPasses, individual players merged their way through battle in pursuit of a Wolf & 10ETH+ of Woolish prizes.

It was a calm, sunny afternoon on the farm in the Wolf Game Universe. The Shepherd could be seen tending to the lands of High Stakes as Sheep frolicked in the pastures nearby. It was too early in the day to hear the Wolves howling away, as they rarely did prior to dusk fall. Suddenly, ominous clouds began to appear accompanied by a thunderous crackle. The Shepherd and the animals had never heard such reverberations on the farm before. They both looked to the Heavens of the Metaverse with great anticipation…

Odin (Norse God) visits The Shepherd in the Wolf Game Universe

Odin, God of Norse, had traveled through the Metaverse bearing a special message for The Shepherd. A token of appreciation, if you will, for all The Shepherd has done to cultivate Wolf Game and the Metaverse beyond.

With the wielding of Gungir, his trusted spear, Odin summons the Merge board from the Heavens.

A special tournament amongst Sheep, Wolves and Farmers was in order. The stakes high. The competition fierce. The fun everlasting.

Odin & The Shepherd reveal the tournament prizes (Farmers, Land, Sheep, $WOOL and a Wolf)

The tournament would be split into two phases:

The first, an individual competition, and the second, requiring teamwork in a Pack-based competition.


Tournament #1 — An Individual Competition

Tournament #1 was free to play and open to holders of Community Passes, Ultimate Passes, and ≥1000 $WOOL. All eligible holders automatically received 5 plays/day.

Players also received bonus plays for holding InfiniPasses.

  • Community Pass = +5 plays/day per pass
  • Ultimate Pass = +100 plays/day per pass

These bonuses were stackable. More passes = more chances to score big and increase your odds of winning prizes.

(Note: InfiniPasses can be minted for .05ETH at

SCORING & PRIZE RAFFLE: We believe in rewarding skill, while providing opportunities for all players to win. To that end, prizes were awarded using a hybrid raffle system. InfiniMerge leaderboard rankings determined the base # of raffle tickets awarded, plus bonuses for InfiniPass holdings.

  • Community Pass = +1 raffle ticket per pass
  • Ultimate Pass = +5 raffle tickets per pass
  • All tickets and InfiniPass bonuses were stackable.

For example: if you placed 3rd and held 10 Community Passes, you earned 20 tickets for the prize raffle.

Note: Holders must’ve played at least 1 round of InfiniMerge to activate InfiniPass benefits and gain prize eligibility.


Tournament #2 — A Pack Based Competition

In homage to Alpha Game, Tournament #2 was a team-based competition.

Play as a pack, win as a pack, share the $WOOL winnings. The rules were very simple:

  • Contenders were required to deposit 1000 $WOOL to gain entry.
  • Contenders selected a pack to represent during gameplay. Packs corresponded to each of the 14 Alpha Wolves.
  • The average score of all contenders (best score) in a given pack determined that pack’s score.
  • The pack with the highest average score won Tournament #2.
  • To the victors go the spoils. All deposited $WOOL was distributed evenly amongst contenders from the winning pack.

There was 220,000 $WOOL deposited in total, and the winning pack had 8 members.

Each contender won 27,500 $WOOL.


An Evening to Remember

At the conclusion of the event, members from two of the greatest communities in Web3 joined together for an Awards Ceremony that was streamed live via Discord & Twitch. Community members rejoiced as experiences were shared and prizes awarded.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the first ever Community Merge event (especially the lucky prize winners) and we look forward to sharing our next Community Merge event!

— The InfiniGods Team