The InfiniPass is an all-access pass to the InfiniGods Universe (IGU) of blockchain games. Passes provide access to early gameplay content, exclusive NFT drops, and powerful in-game boosts.

Two passes exist in the IGU: the Community Pass and Ultimate Pass.

Community Pass

General info

Designed for a broader group of gamers, the Community Pass provides access to all games, NFTs, and experiences in the InfiniGods Universe. There is a max total supply of 4,000 with 200 reserved for in-game rewards.

Key benefits

  • Early access to all InfiniGods game titles
  • Exclusive access to mint all future InfiniGods NFT releases (max 2 per pass)
  • Passive gameplay boosts and power-ups
  • Access to passholder-gated tournaments
  • Access to passholder-gated play periods and earning windows
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Ultimate Pass

General info

Designed for participants that want the opportunity to travel deeper into the InfiniGods Universe and help shape the world as we know it. Only 260 will ever exist.

Key benefits

  • All benefits of the Community Pass
  • Airdropped NFTs for every InfiniGods release in perpetuity including (5) Elder Gods.
  • Enhanced gameplay boosts and power-ups
  • Access to the ‘Roundtable’, a private Discord channel of Web3 gaming enthusiasts
  • Private access to the game development team
  • Special NFT drops (at least 1 per collection release)
  • Exclusive InfiniGods merch & VIP IRL experiences
Available on Opensea

Our Games

Each InfiniGods title offers a unique gameplay experience and features NFTs that are interoperable across the InfiniGods Universe.
Infini Towers
Infini Merge
Infinite Isles

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