InfiniMerge offers a fresh take on the merge game genre for Web3, with a focus on building and adventure.

Each day players are given a new, unique level to play, inspired by the legends and characters of a particular mythos.

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Play InfiniMerge as a God
  • Elder Gods provide unique abilities that enhance gameplay and power massive InfiniMerge scores
  • They can help players climb leaderboards and earn Followers faster
  • 5 Elder Gods exist from each of the 4 Pantheons
Coming Soon
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Community Merge

Leveraging our experience building games for the last 25+ years, we’re going to select at least one Web3 community/project per calendar quarter to develop an interactive, playable experience based on InfiniMerge. First up: Wolf Game.

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Your game experience is better with:

  • InfiniPass
  • Immortals
Community Pass
The Community Pass is a companion NFT that provides access to exclusive gameplay content, bonus earnings windows, and powerful in-game boosts. You will also receive allowlist access for all future InfiniGods NFT mints.
Available for Minting
Ultimate Pass
All of the benefits of the Community Pass – plus airdropped NFTs for every InfiniGods release in perpetuity. Ultimate Passholders can also expect enhanced gameplay boosts and other VIP perks.
Available on Opensea
Elder Gods
Our genesis collection. The Elder Gods will forever be the most powerful Immortals in the InfiniGods Universe. Elder Gods provide unique abilities to enhance gameplay and are interoperable with all titles.
Coming Soon
Other Immortals
Future generations of Immortals will further explore the legends of our four core ancient civilizations and feature their gods, monsters, heroes and villains.
Coming Soon

Rating & Reviews

I decided to setup a PC in my office and do a little user testing of the Merge... The feedback is off the charts!
Community Member
Super addicting! Just poured Gatorade in my eyes to keep them from drying out.
Community Member
Very happy with the team's understanding of the importance of design when it comes to minimizing friction with the user.
Community Member
There's something about this stimulation to my brain [from InfiniMerge] that is very soothing.
Community Member
Community Merge is brilliant. Well done! Great way to bring new communities to InfiniGods.
Community Member
The InfiniGods team is built different.
Farmer Ron
Community Member
I will tell you right now that I’ll buy internet service to continue to play InfiniMerge on every single flight I take.
Community Member

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