The InfiniPass

An all-access pass to the InfiniGods Universe

The Ultimate & Community InfiniPass

The InfiniPass is an all-access pass to the InfiniGods Universe (IGU) of blockchain games. Passes provide access to early gameplay content, bonus play periods, exclusive NFT drops, and powerful in-game boosts — for life.

Two passes exist in the IGU: the Community Pass and Ultimate Pass.

Each was designed with different player types in mind, with the goal of rewarding beta testers, early adopters, loyal holders, and active participants.

The Community Pass

Designed for a broader group of gamers, the Community Pass provides foundational access to all games, NFTs, and experiences in the InfiniGods Universe. There is a max total supply of 4,000 with 200 reserved for in-game rewards.

Benefits include:

  • Early access to all InfiniGods game titles
  • Exclusive access to mint all future InfiniGods NFT releases (max 2 per pass)
  • Passive gameplay boosts and power-ups
  • Access to passholder-gated tournaments
  • Access to passholder-gated play periods and earning windows

The Ultimate Pass

Designed for participants that want the opportunity to travel deeper into the InfiniGods Universe, and help shape the world as we know it. Only 260 will ever exist.

Includes all benefits of the Community Pass, plus:

  • Airdropped NFTs for every InfiniGods release in perpetuity – including (5) Elder Gods.
  • Enhanced gameplay boosts and power-ups
  • Access to the ‘Roundtable’ – a private Discord channel of Web3 gaming enthusiasts
  • Private access to the game development team
  • Special NFT drops (at least 1 per collection release)
  • Exclusive InfiniGods merch & VIP IRL experiences

As InfiniGods releases new gameplay and Web3 experiences, passes will continue to unlock incremental powers, benefits, and capabilities that drive value to holders.

You never know when the Gods might smile upon you.

Our Genesis collection

Our Genesis Collection: The Elder Gods

The oldest of Immortals and the masters of their realms, the Elder Gods (Gen 0) will forever be the most powerful NFTs (ERC-4907s) in the InfiniGods Universe.

Elder Gods provide formidable in-game abilities that boost gameplay and increase scoring potential. You can think of them as super power-ups that quite literally let you play as a god.

Players with Elder Gods by their side will gain distinct advantages over the competition.

Within InfiniMerge, the Elder Gods offer a variety of powers:

  • Randomly shuffle all pieces on the board
  • Destroy all copies of a selected piece
  • Upgrade a designated piece
  • Add extra turns or time on limited levels
  • Create 3 copies of selected queue piece (for easy merging)

As the InfiniGods Universe expands, the Elder Gods will remain eternally interoperable across all titles. In fact, each game will unlock new abilities, power-ups, and utility — increasing the value of your Elder Gods over time.

How Many Elder Gods Exist?

There are 20 Elder Gods in the IGU, including (5) Elder Gods from each of the (4) pantheons.

Greek Norse Chinese Egyptian
Zeus Odin Shangti (Jade Emperor) Ra
Hera Frigg Guanyin Set
Poseidon Tyr Wang Mu Niang Niang Osiris
Hades Njord Yan Wang Isis
Demeter Heimdal Long Wang (Dragon King) Atum

InfiniGods’ Player-Owned Economy

Ark (ERC-1155) holding 20 Followers

The InfiniMerge Flywheel is designed to establish a player-owned economy at the center of the InfiniGods Universe.

Players will compete daily to earn off-chain utility tokens called ‘Followers‘ (power-ups). These power-ups can be used in-game to create merges, destroy pieces, or replenish the power of your Elder Gods — and ultimately, power higher scores and leaderboard rankings.

  • Once a player has collected enough Followers they may choose to visit the ‘Shipwright‘ to forge an ‘Ark‘ (ERC-1155). This allows players to put Followers on-chain and enables trading on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea.
  • Conversely, players that hold Arks can visit the Shipwright and break them down into Followers for use in-game.

Through Followers and Arks, players are given ownership over consumables and power-ups – and can trade them freely as they see fit.

Starting with the Gen 0: Elder Gods, all in-game characters (Immortals) will be built on the Ethereum token Standard ERC-4907, an extension of ERC-721.

This allows NFT owners to safely rent out their NFTs for a designated period of time.

By adding clarity to NFT ownership and usage rights, ERC-4907 is quickly becoming one of the most important token standards when it comes to GameFi NFTs. The standard introduces dual roles of ‘owner’ and ‘user’ at the application level. This innovative feature makes NFTs rentable by default, and creates a more efficient, secure process to grant NFT access to other players.

We believe adopting this new standard as a model for our Immortals will increase utility and value for NFT holders, and further accelerate the growth of the InfiniGods Universe.

In time, we plan to build a marketplace within the IGU that facilitates player-to-player rentals of all Immortals.

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