Community Merge: Building Community through Games in Web3

Everyone reading this is part of the new frontier. Artists, collectors, developers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and gamers all play a role as builders of the internet of the future. We all come from different walks of life with different specific interests. However, it is our feeling of fellowship, because of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals around digital asset ownership that makes us one Web3 Community.

This new world has ushered in tremendous talent; with it has come brilliance, creativity, determination, and passion. The possibilities and opportunities in front of us feel somewhat endless and generationally meaningful. Infrastructure is being built, IP is being developed and with it has come the emergence of the brands of the future.

We believe developing and growing the space is win for all of us. Building connections and learning from one another at this stage in our collective journey is critical for the long-term success of our ecosystem. Therefore, we are developing an initiative we call, “Community Merge”.

Leveraging our experience building games for the last 25+ years, we are going to select at least one community/project per calendar quarter to develop an interactive, playable experience based on our first working game title, InfiniMerge. These projects can range from CC0 to IP Protected, in which case we will purchase NFT’s to have the right to develop the in-game art/characters. Gameboards, music selection, and reward prizes will all correlate to the underlying selected community to enhance the player experience.

These will not serve as “official collaborations” with other communities/projects and there is no revenue sharing between or amongst the project founders. This is strictly for the benefit and pure enjoyment of NFT holders from the selected communities.

We look forward to building great experiences and games for our collective community, Web3.

— The InfiniGods Team

Who can participate in Community Merge events?

InfiniPass holders and holders of the selected community’s native token will be eligible to participate in Community Merge. Event announcements will include details around native token eligibility.

When will the first Community Merge event be held?

Prior to the end of Q3! Stay updated on Twitter & join our Discord for all the latest announcements on rules and prizes.

How often will there be a Community Merge?

At least once per quarter — there are so many amazing communities that we want to build experiences and games for, but we have to maintain a fair production schedule to balance our focus on continuing to develop & execute our full game development.

Are Community Merge events free to play?

Yes — while it is required to hold an InfiniPass or a native token from the given Community selected for the event, there is no additional fee to participate in the event. This is a chance for collectors to have an interactive and fun experience with their favorite assets.

What type of prizes are available and who is eligible to win?

Here is where Community Merge gets even better — the event prizes will be assets from the selected Community and everyone who participates is eligible to qualify to win! Have fun and potentially add to your collection at the same time!

We are excited to officially announce our first InfiniGods Ultimate Drop collaboration! To commemorate the launch of InfiniGods’ Immortal NFT Series, all Ultimate InfiniPass holders will be airdropped an extremely rare (1/260) Gen 0: Elder God designed by Sloth.

Who is ‘Sloth’?

Timmy Ham, aka ‘Sloth’, is an artist, designer, illustrator and muralist, who has worked with Fortune 500 Brands and most recently Web3 Bluechip, VeeFriends. He is passionate about gaming and slowing down to appreciate all the things life has to offer.

Will this release be a part of any existing InfiniGods Collection?

Yes — this release will be residing within the Gen 0: Elder Gods Collection, alongside the other Elder Gods being released this Fall. Like the others in the collection, the InfiniGods x Sloth tokens will be ERC-4907s.

Will the NFTs be airdropped or will there be a mint?

Ultimate InfiniPass holders will be airdropped (1) InfiniGods x Sloth Elder God per pass held. These are available exclusively to Ultimate Pass holders.

Please note: OpenSea is now hiding airdropped items with their new updates — read this thread for more details to make sure you don’t miss your airdropped NFT.

What info can be shared around the art and rarity elements?

We are thrilled to have Sloth as our signature artist for this release. There are four distinct NFT versions, each featuring a God from a different Pantheon (all wallets will share the same odds, chosen at random):

  • Poseidon (Greek)
  • Odin (Norse)
  • Ra (Egyptian)
  • Guanyin (Chinese)

While we don’t want to give away too much, you can expect the illustrations to include vibrant colors backed with inspiration from street art and adventure.

InfiniGods x Sloth Gen 0: Elder Gods Collection (Odin, Norse)

Will the NFT contain any utility elements tied to the InfiniGods Universe?

Yes— the InfiniGods x Sloth Elder Gods will carry formidable in-game utility. The Elder Gods (Gen0) provide special abilities that enhance gameplay and boost scoring potential. These power-ups are only available to Elder God holders.

As our genesis collection, they will forever be the most powerful NFTs in the InfiniGods Universe.

Do Ultimate Pass holders receive another Gen 0: Elder God via Airdrop?

Yes, Ultimate Pass holders will receive an additional four (4) Elder Gods via Airdrop to go along with their unique Sloth Elder God.

We hope you are as excited as we are that Sloth designed a special number of our Gen 0 collection! Look out for information on Twitter @InfiniGods to receive updates as the drop executes.

May the Gods always be in your favor!

InfiniGods, a blockchain-based game development studio, announced Thursday that it raised $9 million in seed funding.

Pantera Capital led the funding round. Additional participants include Framework Ventures, Jefferson Capital, Animoca Brands and Double Peak.

InfiniGods creates web and mobile games involving mythological elements, with gameplay including puzzles, strategy and city building. The startup intends to use the seed funding to publish three games in 2022 that include a non-fungible token (NFT) with in-game utility in addition to developing a governance token.

Co-founders Damon Gura and Owen O’Donoghue told The Block that InfiniGods focuses primarily on user experience when building its blockchain-based games, and is particularly keen on onboarding gamers into Web3. However, the firm still intends to scale its blockchain-based financial systems sustainably and tapped economists to help their growth.

O’Donoghue worked for 11 years at Facebook (now Meta) developing the firm’s gaming arm and helping game developers launch, monetize and scale their games. Damon Gura has worked in the gaming industry for 25 years, founding the international social and mobile gaming firm DGN Games in 2014.

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